The connection over the Black Sea has been for long time the missing link between the gates of EU and the Caspian countries, and further, to Middle East and Central Asia. The New Silk Road project, mentioned in many EU projects lacked the Black Sea component, the connection between Constanta Port and the ports in Georgia.

Romcargo Maritim and UKR Ferry started in May 2013 the test voyages for the first regular ferry service for this route, addressed to a growing market in the Caspian area and providing faster transit time and reduced costs.

The new ferry connection will decrease transit time and logistics costs for all kind of goods and commodities exchanged between European Union and Caspian countries and beyond. Until now, the goods were mainly transported by train from central Europe to Antwerp or Rotterdam, placed in containers, shipped via mother vessels to Turkey, trans-shipped to feeders and delivered up to 25-30 days to Caspian area.

Our solution, with railway transport from Central Europe to Constanta, and ferryboat connection to Georgian ports , means only 15 days transit time and also reduces the logistics costs.

Any logistics company or traders exporting or importing in Caspian countries from the EU could benefit from the services of this ferryboat connection.





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