Port Facilities

1. Terminal Description

Romcargo Maritim Terminal has a 71.000 sqm total surface with a 200 m quay. PL6 quay is situated in the interior of Constanta Sud Harbor, close to the Danube-Black Sea Canal , in an interior golf, offering excellent conditions to moor the ships regardless of weather conditions.

The quay depth is 7 m, the maximum allowed draft is 6.5 m, which allows medium RO-RO ships (a maximum capacity of 1850 vehicles) to moor in our berth. Constanta Harbor development plans for 2013-2014 target an increase of the maximum draft level to 9,5 m, allowing bigger ships to moor.

Besides PL6 quay, Romcargo Maritim operates in a second terminal – quay 120 – used for ships with a bigger draught (7-10m).

The quay height at this moment is 2.20m, but there is an access ramp for vessels which reduced the quay height to 1.80m, allowing an easier loading and unloading process regardless of ship type.

2. Storing Surface

The two terminal total storage surface is 105.000 sqm, which according to usual standards allows a simultaneous storage of 7.500 vehicles. Depending on the average storage time per vehicle, the volume of vehicles per year can reach 234.000 units.

The storage area is divided in several areas, having specific functions for the operations taking place in the berth – reception, inspection, storage, loading/unloading.

All surfaces are paved and marked according to international standards, offering optimum conditions for storing the vehicles.

3. Facilities

All necessary facilities are available in the storage area in order to assure a high standard level of functioning, such as: illumination, drainage, hydrants.

The whole perimeter is protected with fences and video surveillance and security is covered by trained personnel.

Inside the berth is also a container complex office type where the company’s working personnel administrates current operations in the terminal.

The access to the Romcargo terminal can be done both by vehicle transport trailer trucks and trains, a double railway and a simple railway serving exclusively our company’s berth.

The terminal is only 200 m from Gate 10 of the Harbor , which facilitates an easy flux of trucks to and from the terminal.

4. Personnel

Romcargo has currently a personnel of 80 people that work exclusively for our terminal in Constanta Harbor, and were instructed in similar compounds in Turkey and Greece in order to gain from the experience of the foreign companies.

Periodically, Romcargo Maritim organizes training courses for its personnel, according to the specifical needs of our clients, in order to assure a high quality level.